Bob Ryan acquired the AIR promo car from Bob Smithers in 1971. Ryan drove it on
the street for a short time, then converted the car for Solo I racing, then to SCCA AP.
Bob Ryan had many wins with the car and a lot of success at tracks such as Riverside,
Road Atlanta, Westwood, and Portland International. Click images for larger view

The AIR promo car as Bob Smithers owned it in Nov 1970, then as Bob Ryan bought it.

Bob converted the car for Solo I and ran it. A full cage was added during his rookie year

The car was beautifully prepared and chalked up the miles and victories

Victory at Riverside, and getting squirrelly in turn 6 at Riverside

Rain began right at the start of a Riverside race with slicks still on the cars...the result

The aftermath of Riverside rain crash. Car gets redone for more action at Westwood

2 of the former AIR cars raced together many times. Former #45 car driven by Steve Anderson

Road Atlanta car shot was used for a 1978 shop calendar. Fall at Road Atlanta.

Promo car crashes at Portland, Ryan acquires Anderson car for redo. 1978, 1968 shots of #45